Let P3 Graphix assist you with your signage needs. We have the resources to get just about any type of sign you need produced.

Yard Signs (Corrugated)

Corrugated plastic signs come in many shapes and sizes. The most common is the election sign size. Most commonly this is an 18 x 24 double sided corrugated plastic sign with a standard economy style step stake. These signs are not only for elections but great for service companies to promote their work. Insurance companies, paving, electrical, repair, drywall, home improvement, plumbing and more can benefit from displaying yard signs. Contact us to find out how to purchase your own yard signs.


Metal signs are typically produced on aluminum in various thickness and configurations. These range from .040 – .080 thickness. We also offer variations of aluminum like Dibond which is .063 piece of PVC sandwiched by two pieces of .040 aluminum making a really strong long lasting sign. We will work with you to find the best substrate to meet your needs depending on use and lifespan requirements.

Magnetic Signs

Most commonly magnetic signs are used as vehicle magnets. You see these on service vehicles to use as temporary identification. These are also commonly seen on election candidate vehicles also. Our magnet material is vehicle safe and designed for short term use (please follow usage guidelines). Standard sized vehicle magnets are 18 x 24 and 12 x 18.

License Plates

Our custom license plates can be produced with your company logo and made in most any quantity to fit your specific need. These are made from aluminum license plate blanks and are uniform in size.

Sign Pricing

Sign pricing is based on the quantity and sizes you require. If you have existing artwork we encourage you to send it along with the sizes, prices, and type of sign you are looking for to get an accurate quote.

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